Queen Ileosa Arabasti I

Queen of Korvosa


Queen arabasti

Following the sudden death by illness of her husband, King Eodred Arabasti the Second, Ileosa swiftly moved to seize power and establish order in the city of Korvosa. She began cultivating close relationships with several up-and-coming adventuring parties and, more recently, has introduced a new military order answering directly to Castle Korvosa, in the form of the mysterious Grey Maidens.

One of her closest associates is her bodyguard and newly-installed leader of the Grey Maidens, Sabina Merrin. Prior to the Queen’s ascension their relationship was the target of all manner of scandalous rumors, but more recently the Queen’s evident impatience with criticism has dampened this enthusiastic gossiping on the part of the citizenry.

Current popularity level: fair. The Queen is seen as directly responsible for what order currently prevails in Korvosa, and there are few things a Korvosan won’t do to maintain order. Still, her vocal expressions of distaste for the “backwater colony” and the questionable legality of her ascension hinder her from becoming personally popular.

The Crown’s Harrow has studiously avoided associating with the Queen, and is currently trying to keep a very low profile wherever possible.

Queen Ileosa Arabasti I

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